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About this ​agency...


BT Neil Consulting Mission Statement

"We must produce from within, with this in mind, we have to tap into our inner self by learning how to turn ourselves inside out. No more living on the wrong side, we must tap into our God given abilities. The goal is to create a platform where information can be shared, small businesses can be made known and connections can be made through social media. To be a geriatric guide for the aging population and a resource for the community."

Cornelia "Miss Co" Malloy

BT Neil Consulting is a digital creative agency that provides notary services and information that benefits the elderly, those with disabilities and their families. BT NEIL is a resource that provides information that heightens awareness of community programs beneficial to the aging population and if there's something I don't know or you need to know, I will find it for you!

BT NEIL offers a free downloadable booklet that includes a resume and cover letter template, along with an interview readiness guide, an easy to follow business plan outline (business plan outline is available as a single download also), a wedding planning outline that keeps your plans simple and within budget, my personal point of view of a formula that could improve job productivity and a detailed step by step reference guide to getting a loved one placed in a nursing home. Social Media is used as a platform to promote, market and connect with potential customers. I also have an AMAZING Tee Line where I have created original T-shirt designs for various industries such as Barbers, Social Workers, Teachers and more! Custom designs available! Follow the Tee Line on Instagram @misscoteeline!!

BT NEIL is also about brand building, connecting people with other small businesses and making it easy to shop with large retailers through affiliate links. Explore all that is available to see if there is something I could help you with. I'm all about Customer Service!!!


Read "My Story Of Destiny"!! Part 1 is "From poverty to Prosperity"  where I talk about breaking free from the spirit of poverty and embracing true prosperity in my mind. Part 2 is "From struggle to Success"  where I talk about feeling stuck in my situation and my struggle with forward movement due to fear until circumstances caused me to take necessary steps toward success!!! Be on the look out for Part 3 of my story titled "From hope to Happiness"!!! So I was thinking that Part 3 was the end of my story but not so, God has the final say!! It's going to be HUGE, it's going to be EPIC, it's going to be ALL GOD!!!! God has already given me the title for the final conclusion but I can't release it yet!! Wait, Watch and See!!! Can anything GREAT come out of Dodge City? Yes it can because through Christ all things are possible!!! \O/

15 years plus of Customer Service experience with a Healthcare background. Client focused with a solution to your problem in view!!

4 years plus of Research and Marketing experience. Resource driven geared toward community programs and local support services!!

*Proud member of  The National Society of Leadership and Success, the nation's largest leadership honor society!

*Proud member of  MUAH Sistas Inc, a local sistahood!

Oh and just one more thing about me...

Remember when I told you I'm just a small town girl with God and goals!! Well without the help of the Lord, I couldn't achieve my goals! My creativity comes from my creator! So I'm a business woman and I'm also a daughter of the Most High God! I am God's Girl first and foremost, always and forever also known as The Salty Chic!! He makes it all possible! Follow my ministry brand on all listed social media platforms! #IbelieveinJesusChrist

-God's Girl aka The Salty Chic

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